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who is Marlin?

Hi I’m Marlin, founder and Digital Marketing Consultant of MosaicMinds.

Do you want to improve your digital marketing, take your business to the next level and spend your marketing dollars wisely?

You’ve come to the right place.

“I help owners and marketing professionals make their websites, brands and digital marketing more profitable so they get the results they want.”

I know how hard it is running a business, and how much you
care about getting it right. Building your own business means you can make your own rules and follow your own passions, but it also means everything from business development to customer satisfaction is down to you.


I live and breathe digital marketing. It's part of my DNA

Creativity and business sense have always gone hand in hand for me. When I was 15 I bought myself a 5-day cruise to the Caribbean with $900 I’d made from selling raffle tickets for a painting, I did. Selling products and services in clever ways is part of my DNA. Over the years I’ve been able to crush digital marketing by focusing on search engine optimization, good website user experience and the psychological aspects of what makes people buy, resulting in really powerful lead generation landing pages and websites.

So, for the past years I’ve been drawing on my talents to help others create highly effective marketing materials. Delivering results faster and faster, helping my clients increase their revenue online. Making me even more valuable.

I am skilled at understanding the big picture and how everything works together—how the pieces fit, how things should look and function. Also how to manage a team—to get the right results. This comes partly from my personality and experience. But, also from my deep understanding how people use the internet to make purchase decisions.

In the end this allows me to provide YOU personalized, effective and measurable digital marketing solutions that increases traffic, leads and revenue online.


experienced & highly skilled digital marketing specialist.

I graduated from The International Academy of Design and Technology in Orlando, FL. Since then, I’ve become an experienced & highly skilled digital marketing consultant. I’ve been managing the creative part of national marketing campaigns, mentoring and empowering creative design teams.

My portfolio covers compelling work for both print and digital design for clients in a variety of industries like Hospitality, Health & Beauty, Construction + Manufacturing, Architecture and Building Materials. My work has been featured in national magazines like House Beautiful, Home & Garden, Architectural Digest as well as showcased in big retail giants like Home Depot & Lowes.

Previously worked or consulted for:

Inbound Marketing Strategist

This blend of high profile clients along with my own small business experience makes me uniquely placed to help you.

how do I help you?

adept marketing expert support to guide you on how best to engage your audience.

It’s much easier to manage marketing and lead generation when you can count on the help from a marketing expert who knows how to set up your digital channels to take a digital lead from first touch through to a sale.

I believe we need to treat our websites as our main and most important business development tool. These days everyone is online searching for answers. Right now, someone is looking for someone like you. You want them to find you, see that you can help, and trust you with their business.

The right digital marketing strategy and end-to-end lead generation system can make that happen. Tracking customers even before you know their name means you can start providing value straight away. Engage prospects with targeted emails and dynamic content and you can build the trust you need for sales.

That’s the heart of MosaicMinds.

“I connect your business with customers who are
actively looking for your products and services.”

my approach

i turn under-performing websites
into remarkable ones.

How? First, address the key factors that are stopping your website from performing as well as it could. Then use an all-in-one Sales and Marketing Platform to build and execute an inbound marketing strategy that tracks, targets and converts your digital leads from ‘just looking’ to customers.

5 key ways your website can lose you business.
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
A bad website is not necessarily down to poor design. Even if something is beautiful, if people don’t find it in a search, or is hard to read, then the site is underperforming.
It takes seconds for someone to visit or try to visit your website and leave because website took too long to load. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, it needs attention.
3. mobile responsiveness:
In 2018, 58% of site visits were from mobile devices. Mobile devices made up 42% of total time spent online and bounce rate came in at 50%. This means that only 8% of website visits conducted through a mobile device were considered successful. Why did they leave? Because the website was not mobile friendly.
If your website content is not focused on answering the customer’s questions, they won’t find what they’re looking for, and they’ll leave.
5. DEsign:
A website that is not designed with a deep understanding of its users-what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations then it’s a bad design.
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"I help owners spend their marketing dollars wisely"

 by bridging the gap between your business and the online world, helping you market your Products, Services, and Brand in the right way.

mosaicminds is more than marlin

I’m running the show, but for large projects, I draw on a collaborative network of marketing experts, consultants and creative minds to help me deliver agency-quality work at scale. My partners are self-employed independent consultants, who share my desire to deliver great work.

“I believe in your success. My mission is to provide solutions that deliver results, never waste your time or money.

Work with me

my success comes only
after your success.

I’ve been inspired by some brilliant mentors and real-life heroes on my own business path. From my mom who sacrificed so much, to some amazing people who have believed in me and who lead with authenticity, ambition and a willingness to help. I know how powerful it is to have people like that on your side, and as your digital marketing consultant that’s what I try to give to you too.

I know you have great things to offer and I want to give you a chance to prove it.

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Let's work together.

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